I wrote this about a year and a half ago… that possibly a lie, I don’t actually know, the brain has a way of mixing this shit up, but basically It must be about then. Either way its an ace riff to play, I kept thinking about lyrics, how to write a melody for them and what words will work. The song already has a story and lyrics, but just not singing. I was not gonna force them if its meant to be instrumental, so here was the first demo. You can ignore the request for an app, and still listen fine.

Since the start of September (2011) myself, my brother, and Jon have been visiting the Lancaster music co-op, and last week (November 30th) we were working on this song a bit. My brother completely threw me by adding and half beat drum part in the ‘chorus’ section, yet oddly, that totally opened up the song too, and within an hour we had worked out a song structure, and how it should progress. That also made me think of some clear lyrics to fit the title, just words I like the cadence of and explore the theme of the song.

Picking a Carcasse

Leaving the Bones

Feed on Misfortune

Circle the Void


You don’t know me


Pick Away, At The Holes

I have put down a metronome track, with some guitar to keep the structure, for us to try and add live drums next week at the co-op. We’ll see how that goes.

Well here is the live drum track, we only got one decent full take and its was a bit rough and ready, and there are some mic’d guitars on there too. Its an mp3 and not the best mastering so it is a bit fizzy. If you are on a mobile device, there seems to be an issue with mulitple soundcloud links, so if you so to the link above, you can browse to the different tracks on there.

copyright Adam Parsons (2011)


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