On the Prom

This song was originally inspired by idea that I might be able to write a song to appeal directly to another’s sense of taste; namely my good friend Erik. I was trying to work towards a dirty bluesy tune, with over tones of harshness ones might find in a Fall song. You can see my original post on its Inspiration and the Demo here.

The evolution of it as I work on it, rehearse it, and record it, will appear on this page, with some notes on its evolution and the process. I’ll preiodically stick videos on here of the various stages.

Here was the first Demo, done in a few quick takes. I actually like this roughness, but I will inevitably have to record it again to a click track over the top of some real drums. This will be an interesting process, and in many ways it will be a story of how to try and keep it rough and ready and not go too far.

copyright Adam Parsons (2011)


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