Calling a Spade, a Spade

There seem to be a hell of a lot of tweets, messages, emails, social media statuses, advocating the following;

“Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘Holy shit, what a ride!’”

-Mavis Leyrer

Sounds great, but putting aside the issue of what happens if you skid in sideways 20 years before the end of the journey, I think a lot of the original meaning is being lost on some folks.

Shouldn’t this be a stream of crazy and life defining experiences or challenges, you know, the stuff this is clearly citing? Striving for goals and experiences, regardless of what anyone else or society might think of your goals.

I get the distinct feeling that rather than this, folks are using this as a justification for chaotic forms of apathy. Getting hammered in the same town, and waking up in cold Pizza from the same grim take away, using this wild lifestyle to justify forgetting a job, kids, getting involved in other things… it’s just a different form of doing nothing. Go for it if that’s you bag, I have my own ideas and objectives but you are not hurting me, but be honest with yourself, treading water frantically is still just treading water. It’s a fine choice, but be sure thats what you mean to be doing.


Day One of no facebook

I deactivated my facebook yesterday evening. Emma and I both have now. I won’t go into the tireless reasoning, but I figured getting rid of it for a bit wouldn’t hurt.

I still have the mental ticks though, the internal trigger to have a look see whats going on (which frankly is usually bugger all), and then have to stop myself. Even the muscle memory on the PC and mouse, or ipad, is still there I instinctively go to click the buttons/links.

Also get this sense that stuff is happening without me, which is exactly how it feels when you play MMO’s, or when we got rid of the TV license a few years back, and I stopped reading the mainstream news sites and paper. Takes a good few weeks to realise how little impact they were actually making on your life, what the negatives were, and what you can potentially do instead.

I think social media, and all forms of virtual existence are great, but I, we generally, are so shit at dealing with it, and it is so easy to slide into it being a part of what you are and do unconsciously, and from then on its easy to retroactively justify it. I’m going to try and blog some more- Virtual nicorette if you will- then we’ll see, hopefully I can be a bit more in the driving seat.

A few recent little projects

A post from our Living History Groups page on some things we have been up to.

Jorvikingi's Blog

We are all off back to Murton this coming weekend and I have, over the last few months, been working on and off on a number of projects. Firstly, a copy of a 10th century wooden knife handle found during excavations in York. As you can see from the published drawing the back portion of the knife was reasonably well-preserved, but the front was missing and I had to get creative and try to reconstruct it as best I could.

The first attempt I felt was a little short, so I had another go with a slightly longer handle, and mounted it on to straight-backed style blade, which I have noticed seems to be more popular in Scandinavia during the period.

Then I had a go at scabbard tooling for the first time, again based on some examples contemporary to the knife from York.

… And also a seax scabbard…

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IGP manager

I started playing a browser game a few weeks ago named IGP manager. I used to play F1 manager games years ago, and after messing about with the castrol grand prix predictor and doing quite well with TheJudge13 blogs crew, I fancied playing another racing manager game, so had a look round google. The only one paid game I found had appalling reviews, until I found IGP manager, which was a free browser based game that seemed to have some really positive stuff said about it. It was an online multiplayer game, which I was a bit unsure about, but it was free to play, so I figured what did I have to loose?

I joined a beginners test league, with about 20 players running a single car each, with only two races left in their current season. I set my team up did all the design and strategy stuff, and by luck or good judgement got two 8th places in my first two races, netting me some cash and xp. Since then, I have practically become addicted, its something I can ponder endlessly, yet it me takes me 20 minutes every couple of days to actually do. That is of course, unless I watch the races live, which of course is now compulsory! I’m not sure what it is that makes manager style games so addictive, but the fine balance of managing your finance, choosing your staff and implementng ideas, then getting to test them out against other individuals is incredibly enthralling. In my third race this year with a little luck and a risky strategy I managed my first race win had me bouncing in my chair, beating a computer was good, beating 19 other players was fantastic, and easily as exciting as watching ‘real’ live sports.

Igp manager

I am seriously considering upgrading to a yearly subscription of £29, just to get access to some of the extra live race features, and livery designer.

IGP manager, its free, what have you got to loose?