A few more audio sketches

Been doing a little messing about with my guitar over the last few months… I blew another combo practice amp up, so its been a bit limited, but managed to do a little recording of my sounds sketches. I’m still in the stage of listening to them a lot, and working out where they need to go.

I added them here: https://soundcloud.com/7songsofcandd/sets/audio-sketches-1

The new ones are just 01 Track 1-5, I had some more, but these at least made it past the initial stage of utter contempt I usally have for stuff, especially when it comes to sharing it.

Number 1 is alright, bit MOR rock, but whatever.

I think Number 2 is really stark, but has some great potential to really be built up, drum and thumping bass and heavy guitar coming in.

I like Track 3, but am not expecting prizes for originality, pretty simple, but fun.

Number 4 probably gonna keep short, think it could be nice little play off between bass and guitar, maybe some playfull scales.

Track 5 I like the most, at least as an idea, and can see it going in a number of directions.



Cold Stare and the Winter Sun

I been playing this little riff on my guitars whilst the boy is in the bath… yeah, its an odd picture. Him sat playing with bubbles and his toys, talking to me sat on the loo with a guitar, playing some riffs and talking crap back. Lord knows we are probably doing unrecoverable harm, or giving his the best childhood you could ask for… who the hell knows? Either way, its infectious and fun, and I want to mess around with it some more.

Its definately got its heart in the the season. Shit weather and dark nights for a prelonged period get to you. There are things I love about it, but then there will be a bright sunny winter day, and you’ll realise, that a little bit of your soul felt like it was sat under a brick. It definately breeds a mentality into the folks who endure it. And it can piss you off. Not; I dropped a bag of sugar, pissed off, but a slow burning grimness.  It is perhaps not surprising bad weather gets used in metaphores about depression so often. Yet at the same time, I part like it. Very odd, and Its definately what is in my head working on this. Have some lyrics, which inspired the riff, which it sort of apes.

Anyways, Emma watched him in the bath this evening, and I took 15 mins to stick some bass and guitar on the recording console, to a drum beat I had in mind. I have another very different section I want to morph with this, but I’m not sure what it is yet. Overall, I wanted a certain groove adn vibe to it, a bit like Queens of the Stone Age, but sorta different, which isn’t really there yet. But heres the first ‘pin in the map’ or whatever.


Better late than never

I managed to get this version of Vulture re-recorded well before Christmas, made some time to put some guitar on, and was just trimming some white noise off the end when I deleted a guitar track, and in attempting to fix my error deleted another. It was late so I figured I’d do it in a day or so, but I didn’t bank on getting fully lurgied up, to be followed by the the boy and Emma. Then we were into Christmas and New Year, and when we weren’t away we had guests over, so today has been the first day I have got to sit down and out some guitar on and rebounce the track. Like I said, better late that never.

Its a bit rough and ready, our first stab at recording live drums and guitar, and it shows a bit too. We also have no where near practiced this song enough, we had barely finished working out how many verses etc to do before we did a live take, so a few miss beats and a few clunky notes, but thats another one to notch up to experience, don’t record until you can play your songs in your sleep!

Anyways, here is the soundcloud link.

These aren’t the Street of New Orleans

This song was originally inspired by idea that I might be able to write a song to appeal directly to another’s sense of taste; namely my good friend Erik. I was trying to work towards a dirty bluesy tune, with over tones of harshness ones might find in a Fall song.

He had also previously suggest I stick to writing lyrics about girls and cars, as I tend not to. I struck on the idea (after a joke from Erik about UK cars), to tell the Story of my youth and cars, and those of people around me, a little different to that of the American ideal that’s sold about such like. At the time we felt we were cruising and prowling these dark neon filled streets, often in the rain, some kind of wild predatory animals, not actually the sad youths we actually were. But, I felt sorry for us, so I tired to inject a sense of that prowling into the main riff, make us a bit cooler sounding than the lyrics suggest.

Once I had this, it was a case of filling in the story and recording it.  I always like the way an American lyricist can mention a city or place in a song, and it sounds cool, like this bold statement of what you are and where you are from, in a fresh new way. But I think that sounds so… well just shit, for the most part about the UK. Maybe its familiarity, but I can only really think of the Clash and Mark E Smith ever pulling it off, without sounding trite. Usually these American places are used in a positive way, but the riff, and the seedy menace I had weren’t gonna work, and anyway, this was Cumbria, Kendal and Morecambe here… and that was when it clicked. These aren’t the street of New Orleans, or the lights of Bright LA, this isn’t a mustang, there is no sunshine, I don’t know what soroities are, or what a jock is, unless its still a scotsman. We have been looking at this paradigm of how things are supposed to be over the sea there, half playing at them in what surrounded us. When I had the negative turnaround, and the wistfullness of this crap we were doing as teenagers, it was easy.

The initial Demo was all done in a bare few takes, and through some fairly rudimentary gear on purpose. I felt this edginess would appeal to my targets sensibilities, and also seemed appropriate as the stereos we listened to music on, were the cheapest bits of crap known to man, until I got a pioneer, but that’s another story.

I enjoyed the process, and I like the song. Apologies for the video, I just used a few of the photographs of the winter and dark I took last year as video filler and crudely cut them in.