Viking Age Oval Brooches

Work is progressing on some oval brooches I have been making, and they are getting fairly close to being cast. Its distracting me from rain and concrete at the moment, which is a good thing!

Viking Age Oval Brooches.


A few recent little projects

A post from our Living History Groups page on some things we have been up to.

Jorvikingi's Blog

We are all off back to Murton this coming weekend and I have, over the last few months, been working on and off on a number of projects. Firstly, a copy of a 10th century wooden knife handle found during excavations in York. As you can see from the published drawing the back portion of the knife was reasonably well-preserved, but the front was missing and I had to get creative and try to reconstruct it as best I could.

The first attempt I felt was a little short, so I had another go with a slightly longer handle, and mounted it on to straight-backed style blade, which I have noticed seems to be more popular in Scandinavia during the period.

Then I had a go at scabbard tooling for the first time, again based on some examples contemporary to the knife from York.

… And also a seax scabbard…

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