A few more audio sketches

Been doing a little messing about with my guitar over the last few months… I blew another combo practice amp up, so its been a bit limited, but managed to do a little recording of my sounds sketches. I’m still in the stage of listening to them a lot, and working out where they need to go.

I added them here: https://soundcloud.com/7songsofcandd/sets/audio-sketches-1

The new ones are just 01 Track 1-5, I had some more, but these at least made it past the initial stage of utter contempt I usally have for stuff, especially when it comes to sharing it.

Number 1 is alright, bit MOR rock, but whatever.

I think Number 2 is really stark, but has some great potential to really be built up, drum and thumping bass and heavy guitar coming in.

I like Track 3, but am not expecting prizes for originality, pretty simple, but fun.

Number 4 probably gonna keep short, think it could be nice little play off between bass and guitar, maybe some playfull scales.

Track 5 I like the most, at least as an idea, and can see it going in a number of directions.



Tabbing your own songs

We are over at the inlaws this weekend, and I took my guitar to try to tab some bass lines, so Jon can go over them with a CD and get familiar with some of the tunes. Just finished up now, and just thought I’d drop a not about how it was a bit weird.

It is a very odd thing to do, its like translating something you are not fully concious of. Trying to pin down how many times, or what exactly you just did into black and white, and exact definition. The closest thing I can imagine is if you had to write out a typescript of you on the phone to your folks, word for word, and how weird it would be reading it. Strange, but cool to have it down somewhere now for future reference.