Day One of no facebook

I deactivated my facebook yesterday evening. Emma and I both have now. I won’t go into the tireless reasoning, but I figured getting rid of it for a bit wouldn’t hurt.

I still have the mental ticks though, the internal trigger to have a look see whats going on (which frankly is usually bugger all), and then have to stop myself. Even the muscle memory on the PC and mouse, or ipad, is still there I instinctively go to click the buttons/links.

Also get this sense that stuff is happening without me, which is exactly how it feels when you play MMO’s, or when we got rid of the TV license a few years back, and I stopped reading the mainstream news sites and paper. Takes a good few weeks to realise how little impact they were actually making on your life, what the negatives were, and what you can potentially do instead.

I think social media, and all forms of virtual existence are great, but I, we generally, are so shit at dealing with it, and it is so easy to slide into it being a part of what you are and do unconsciously, and from then on its easy to retroactively justify it. I’m going to try and blog some more- Virtual nicorette if you will- then we’ll see, hopefully I can be a bit more in the driving seat.


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