A few more audio sketches

Been doing a little messing about with my guitar over the last few months… I blew another combo practice amp up, so its been a bit limited, but managed to do a little recording of my sounds sketches. I’m still in the stage of listening to them a lot, and working out where they need to go.

I added them here: https://soundcloud.com/7songsofcandd/sets/audio-sketches-1

The new ones are just 01 Track 1-5, I had some more, but these at least made it past the initial stage of utter contempt I usally have for stuff, especially when it comes to sharing it.

Number 1 is alright, bit MOR rock, but whatever.

I think Number 2 is really stark, but has some great potential to really be built up, drum and thumping bass and heavy guitar coming in.

I like Track 3, but am not expecting prizes for originality, pretty simple, but fun.

Number 4 probably gonna keep short, think it could be nice little play off between bass and guitar, maybe some playfull scales.

Track 5 I like the most, at least as an idea, and can see it going in a number of directions.



One response to “A few more audio sketches

  1. I really like these. I wish I could be there to bang on the glass and make faces at you while you were playing…tell you to make it sound a little more like Thursday afternoon…give this bit a one lump of sugar not two.

    One is really good but, three is my favorite I think.

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