Vettel and Hamilton in F3

Came across this the other day whilst bumbling around on youtube. Some old school Formula 3 action between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, of course now Formula One drivers and World Champions, Vettel a double, and if this year carries on the way it seems to be going, a triple champion, and Lewis still chasing his second title.

A great little scrap, and shows both the drivers qualities off well.


One response to “Vettel and Hamilton in F3

  1. Very cool. There’s something intriguing about watching the cars push and pull against the road. It’s exciting…like when they put a camera in the front seat of roller coaster. Get it a little pull on the stomach.

    Best part though, as with any sport…is the individual battle (especially at 5 billion miles an hour).*

    *even football is not an exception to this…11 individual match ups that are set to work like a machine.

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