Ecclestone to load a mountain of debt on F1.

Superb piece by thejudge13 on F1 and its future


It’s not possible to in a single article convey the mess that is F1 and its financial arrangements, and I’m not feeling inclined to write a book. Yet there are severe storm clouds on the horizon for F1 and it appears the governing body and the teams are oblivious to this.

The Korean Times reports the organisers’ of the F1 race are facing again huge losses. It is claimed they have avoided the contractual 10% escalation in fee from last year but still have a total budget of $67.5m to find.

The national government picks up about $5m and the rest is shouldered by the South Jeolla provincial government. Of course there is the ticket receipts, but the event has not been a raging success with mass crowds attending. The losses the provincial government has had to fund are 2010 $65m and in 2011 $54m. With a contract to 2016…

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2 responses to “Ecclestone to load a mountain of debt on F1.

    • Probably, not looking forward to payin for tv again.

      We currently got three brits on the grid, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, and Paul di Resta (though he is actually a scot), we might get more next year. At the moment jenson and lewis both drive for mclaren (obviously a british team) but thats getting bust up next year, when our man head to mercedes. Williams fortunes have declined over the past decade, but there car has come good this year, and in pastor maldnado the venzuelan they have a fast, if erratic driver, their other driver, bruno senna (the big mans nephew), might loose his seat next year, so it will be interesting to see who gets it.

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