Great to see two guys pulling it out of the bag when they needed to. Massas future is under threat at Ferrari, and Kamui at Sauber, the latter, to my mind, totally unjustified. 2nd and 3rd for them in Japan is an awesome result, especially Kamui, only the third Japanese driver to get a podium, and his first at his home Grand Prix! Kamuis qualifying at Spa was amazing, and if it wasn’t for Grosjeans crash, who knows, but this time, Grosjean took someone else out, and Kamui cashed the points in, the noise the crowd made was awesome!

Great result over all, Alonso retired, which spices the championship up, unfortunately Vettels winning it, means it could well mean he runs away with it again, but we’ll see. Lewis and Jenson 4th and 5th, and Raikkonen in 6th, means though Vettel is now only 6 points short of Alonsos championship lead with 5 races and 125 points remaining, Raikkonen is only 37 behind and Lewis 42, which though tough is certainly possible. Webber and Button at 60 and 63 behind I reckon are finished now, it’s a 2 way fight, with a couple of cheeky outsiders from here on in, and you’d have to say, if it’s not Vettel or Alonso, then my money is on Lewis as he has the car and the pace to do it. Raikkonens position is still impressive, it’s a decent car, but not a consistent race winner. You gotta hand it to him though, despite having no victories, the fact he has finished every lap this year so far, kept out of trouble, and kept in the points, has put him at the sharp end.

Coming up we got the Korean, Indian and Abu Dhabi Races, with the New American Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, and Brazil rounding us out. Given our imminent new arrival, I may well get a chance to be up at unsociable hours watching some of them too!


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