Cold Stare and the Winter Sun

I been playing this little riff on my guitars whilst the boy is in the bath… yeah, its an odd picture. Him sat playing with bubbles and his toys, talking to me sat on the loo with a guitar, playing some riffs and talking crap back. Lord knows we are probably doing unrecoverable harm, or giving his the best childhood you could ask for… who the hell knows? Either way, its infectious and fun, and I want to mess around with it some more.

Its definately got its heart in the the season. Shit weather and dark nights for a prelonged period get to you. There are things I love about it, but then there will be a bright sunny winter day, and you’ll realise, that a little bit of your soul felt like it was sat under a brick. It definately breeds a mentality into the folks who endure it. And it can piss you off. Not; I dropped a bag of sugar, pissed off, but a slow burning grimness.  It is perhaps not surprising bad weather gets used in metaphores about depression so often. Yet at the same time, I part like it. Very odd, and Its definately what is in my head working on this. Have some lyrics, which inspired the riff, which it sort of apes.

Anyways, Emma watched him in the bath this evening, and I took 15 mins to stick some bass and guitar on the recording console, to a drum beat I had in mind. I have another very different section I want to morph with this, but I’m not sure what it is yet. Overall, I wanted a certain groove adn vibe to it, a bit like Queens of the Stone Age, but sorta different, which isn’t really there yet. But heres the first ‘pin in the map’ or whatever.



4 responses to “Cold Stare and the Winter Sun

    • This of it less of a direction, and more of something under the ‘spread’. Glad you and the boy approve. 🙂

      I kept the final comment off, as it contains potentially sensitive password info, and stuff.

  1. e.f. is not alone. This is good. I started smiling and head nodding ffs. Rough – but good. And the riff is stuck in my head now.
    I am passing this to my daughter – she is more of a Stone Age fan than me – but she and her partner (guitarist with Mull Historical Society and session for the Biffys etc) would like this too.

  2. Yup, good stuff here most definitely, nice gooey riffs with a sound to match, and for some reason puts me in mind of the Groundhogs even though it doesn’t really sound like ’em (this is meant as a compliment 😉

    Ever heard a band called Earthless? I suspect they might be right up yr alley.

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