Better late than never

I managed to get this version of Vulture re-recorded well before Christmas, made some time to put some guitar on, and was just trimming some white noise off the end when I deleted a guitar track, and in attempting to fix my error deleted another. It was late so I figured I’d do it in a day or so, but I didn’t bank on getting fully lurgied up, to be followed by the the boy and Emma. Then we were into Christmas and New Year, and when we weren’t away we had guests over, so today has been the first day I have got to sit down and out some guitar on and rebounce the track. Like I said, better late that never.

Its a bit rough and ready, our first stab at recording live drums and guitar, and it shows a bit too. We also have no where near practiced this song enough, we had barely finished working out how many verses etc to do before we did a live take, so a few miss beats and a few clunky notes, but thats another one to notch up to experience, don’t record until you can play your songs in your sleep!

Anyways, here is the soundcloud link.


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