Recording Drums- Take 1

We got some drum recording done on Wednesday, hurray! We had a couple of hours down the co-op, but by the time we had unloaded and set up the kit, set up the mics, balanced all the recording levels and got them positioned how we wanted we had lost 45 minutes, and it took us 20 minutes to pack up, but we still got the best part of an hour messing about.

There was some horrendously noisy avant-garde band next door that seemed to just be playing the same de-tuned bass riff repetitively at full volume and screeching sporadically over the top, but I think the mics thankfully didn’t really pick much of it up.

We managed to get a couple of decent full takes of Vulture recorded, and a quick run through of On the Prom, but Joe still wants to work some more on the composition so it was just a trial. I want to add some guitars this weekend, and then rip it, so I can add it to the Vulture page. I might add a snippet of On the Prom too, but there are breaks so I can’t really put the whole thing up.

It was a useful exercise as I have an awareness of what we need to do, where stuff needs to go, and what levels to set them at, and it was useful for Joe to see the process, and for us to see how our plans worked in practice (which was actually O.K). one thing we’ll take away for next time is we need to get 3 or 4 songs fully composed and rehearsed until we know them in our sleep, then go in again for 3 -4 hours and do them all, preferably during the day when its cheaper. I might also check there are no death metal bands in too!


2 responses to “Recording Drums- Take 1

  1. How does this coop work?

    Is something you pay dues on like a health club?

    Let the avant-death bleed over. It’ll just make you irritated and you know how you get when you’re irritated…inspired.

  2. The co-op is a non-profit organisation run by a few guys, and they have 4 rehearsal rooms and a studio/recording suite… real run down place, but pretty cheap. You just pay for it like any rehearsal space, but its kept cheap; £4 an hour during the day, and £7 an hour in evenings and weekends for a room, PA system and power, and you can play as loud as you like. Its great, always a few bands in their working away on songs or rehearsing. They get donations and volunteers helping sort stuff out every now an then, and funding from wherever they can get, arts councils etc.

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