New blog, and new recordings!

So I have finally deleted the old blog, and transferred and music related posts and pages over here. I have also set me up a new soundcloud account: and uploaded the 7 songs, and a cheeky demo cover I did for shits and giggles.

We have over the last month or so been having 2 and a half hours in the Co-op just jamming, and working out some ideas with some songs I had written. The first week we were there, in the first hour we also wrote a song, which was pretty good going. I say wrote and song, what I mean is, we put the koasilattor in the PA, turned a loop on, then started a jam over the top that sounded pretty awesome, sort of a bit Propellor heads or Crystal Method, with a harder rock edge. Anyway, we had a sound going that was different, and will work a bit more on it.

We are planning on 2 hours down the co-op next week, Jon is away, so its just me and Joe, and I’m hoping that we’ll have enough time to get our shit together and do at least 2 songs recorded on live drums in that time. Joe is keen to do ‘Vulture’, and I have a click track ready, so will just try to engineer and record what he does, and the next simplest and most complete from a structure point of view is ‘On the Prom’ so we’ll aim for them two, and see how it goes.

Really enjoying this!


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